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At Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd, we understand that your pets are very important to you and you want to give them the best. We provide a range of specially made sawdust shavings and wood pellet pet bedding, to ensure your pets are cosy and clean. We are a family run business, catering to customer needs for over 60 years. We are situated near Doncaster, and extend our services to all of the surrounding areas.

Specially designed bedding for small pets

•    Dust free bedding

•    Affordable and hassle-free

•    Keep odour away

•    Prevents illnesses in pets

•    Soft and comfortable texture

•    Absorbent quality

•    High standard fibre

•    Easy to use and maintain

Why choose our bedding for small pets?

Wood shavings from pine and cedar trees have been used for several years as bedding for small pets, horses, cattle and poultry. They are great bedding material because they are soft and comfortable, and they absorb excess moisture while covering up unpleasant odours. Wood shavings have a repellent effect on fleas and other insects, and they are extremely eco-friendly when it is time to dispose of them. Give Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd a call today, to learn more about our services.

Keeping your pet animals dry, warm and comfortable

High quality bedding for small pets using high quality wood shavings, in and around Doncaster.

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01302 711 021

07775 722 861

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We can collect and / or deliver from 30 to 1000 bales in one delivery.