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At Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd, we use only the finest wood shavings to make comfortable bedding for poultry. We supply comfortable and soft beds to award-winning cattle and livestock farms. We have an extensive range of different types of bedding for both cattle. You can rely on us to give you fast, reliable and friendly services.

Comfortable bedding for poultry in Doncaster

Wood shavings for poultry:

We supply bedding for poultry using high quality wood shavings, in and around Doncaster.

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01302 711 021

07775 722 861

•    Very absorbent

•    Dust free

•    Easy to use and maintain

•    Keeps odour away

•    Reduces ammonia in the air from droppings

•    Helps prevent respiratory damage and eye problems in animals

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We can collect and / or deliver from 30 to 1000 bales in one delivery