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There are many benefits to using organic fuel. Environmentalists unduly advocate the use of biomass. Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd have been providing customers with woodchips for biomass, for over 6 decades. Wood chips are fuel that can flow and can be used in any kind of boiler or other conversion systems. Due to the large surface area, woodchips can be burned very efficiently.

Eco-friendly and reliable

•    Easily stored

•    Smaller compared to logs

•    Eco-friendly

•    Affordable

•    Take up less storage space

•    Moisture content is low

•    Produces more heat per unit

•    Burns cleaner

•    Uniform in size

Benefits of woodchips for biomass:

Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd provides high quality wood pellets that are manufactured using fine virgin timber. Our wood pellets are made from sustainable sawdust, compressed under very high pressure. Pellets are extremely useful for small biomass systems, due to their low storage space and large surface area. Give us a call on 01302 742 807, to talk to our specialists about your requirements.

High quality wood pellets, in Doncaster

Wood pellets and woodchips for biomass, in and around Doncaster.

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01302 711 021

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