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Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd is a highly reputed family run business, founded over 60 years ago by Mr Aubrey Talbot. Shortly after World War II, Aubrey sold logs and moved timber for sawmills, realised they were having an issue getting rid of the sawdust, shavings and waste wood and saw he had seen a new business opportunity! The rest is history. Knowing the various uses and requirements for sawdust and wood shavings, he soon formed a client base where the demand for sawdust, shavings and waste wood grew rapidly.

Our history

Post retirement, Aubrey passed the business to his son, Ian Talbot who then encouraged his sons Christopher and Nicholas Talbot to take on the family business. Their dedication and loyalty to the industry secured a prosperous future for Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd.

Family run business

Customers from construction, collections, sawmillss and joiners' yards to the agricultural trades, both retailers and domestic customers have been relying on us for the supply of sawdust, shavings and waste wood for over 6 decades. Having started with a single lorry, Bawtry Sawdust Co. Ltd now has an admirable fleet of vehicles and machinery. Today, we take pride in the fact that we have a large client base across the UK. We strive to provide an honest and exceptional level of service.

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